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I Want To Love Like My Dog

Owie and me 3

I’ve been watching the Netflix series Grace and Frankie lately and a recent episode struck a chord with me.  Jane Fonda plays Grace, a cold, detached, retired CEO of a cosmetic company.  In this particular episode, she comes to terms with the fact her family never viewed her as a mother/wife that showed unconditional love to them.  It’s a sobering moment for her as she realizes what she deprived her family from feeling.  I couldn’t help but reflect on my own ideas about love and what it means for it to be unconditional.

Why Punctuation Matters In Customer Service

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My daughters say I’m a mean texter.  When they told me, I was trying to figure out what horrible thing I sent them and couldn’t think of anything.  I asked, “What did I text you all that was so mean?”  They replied it wasn’t the words themselves that were evil, but my use of punctuation – and specifically the period – that made my texts “sound” mean.  Uhh…what? 

How Krispy Kreme Reminds Me What's Important

 Krispy Kreme

It’s almost Christmas and this time of year is filled with … pretty much everything.  The days from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day seem much like the old game of musical chairs.  It’s as if we’re trying to mash as much as possible into our lives before the music stops playing – and there’s always one chair short of the number of players.  Even if we do get lucky to “sit down” for a moment, the game starts again quickly and we’re back on our feet scrambling in that familiar circle.

How to Tell the Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration


Do you ever watch high-achieving people and think to yourself “How do they do that? How do they fit that much into a day?  What do they have that I don’t have?”  I don’t care how successful you are in your personal and/or professional life; there is someone who does it better, faster, and more often.

How To Create Happy Customers By Following One Simple Rule

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 I wrote a blog post a while back about saying yes to opportunities more often and how it can lead to a more fulfilling life.  On a recent business trip I was reminded how saying yes (a lot) is a key component of great customer service. 

4 Ways to Combat Puppy Monkey Baby Syndromepuppymonkeybaby pic

I was in my Sunday school class a few weeks ago discussing prayer.  One of my friends shared with us how difficult it can be to keep his mind focused while he’s praying.  I cracked up when he told us he could be in the middle of a prayer and randomly start thinking about a puppy-faced monkey wearing a diaper.  Those in class that hadn’t seen the soft drink commercial from the Super Bowl needed some enlightenment.


The Black Eyed Peas Are Still Right - "Where is the Love?"

Love pic

I watched a news story recently about a huge performance being cancelled at a local university because there was a white nationalist rally scheduled to be held there the same day.  I immediately had feelings of anger, frustration and contempt.  Parents and students talked of all the hard work and preparation that went in to staging the event.  You could see how disappointed they were.  On one hand I was upset because I felt like the university was caving to the bigots and their hateful message.  I also understand the main concern for the university was safety, so it’s not unreasonable to make the call they did.  At the end of the news segment, the main feeling I had was sadness. 

How to Confront the Three "R"s They Didn't Teach in School

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When you see the phrase” the three Rs”, you may have a couple of things that come to mind.  Back in the day it was an educational phrase that referred to the “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic” we learned in school.  More recently it’s been used to describe how we can help our environment when we “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”  Lately, I’ve been using it differently in some of the talks I’ve given.  If you’ve seen any of my stuff, you know I often write and talk about our tendency to become so comfortable in life, that it might hold us back from really living.  As a general rule, we don’t like to be uncomfortable.  In fact, we spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to figure out how to not be uncomfortable.  It feels so much better in our gut when things are comfortable.   It’s when things become too comfortable that we start to coast through life and drive ourselves into a rut we didn’t even know was there.


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