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What Does It All Mean?

ceiling tiles

I’ve become somewhat of an expert on ceiling tiles in commercial-type buildings. I’ve spent a lot of time on my back looking at them. Wait … that didn’t sound right. What I meant to say was I’ve been in lots of situations where my view was nothing but the ceiling … nope, still sounds nasty.

Nobody Puts Jesus (or Baby) In A Corner

Dirty Dancing pic

I miss Patrick Swayze. I mean, who hasn’t seen Road House a million times, right? Twice a week it shows up on some channel and is clearly a classic, albeit terrible movie that has endured for almost 30 years. Throw in some Sam Elliot, classic fight scenes, awesome 80s hair, and you’ve got movie gold.

3 Words That Will Instantly Improve Your Team's Customer Service


I was standing in line at a smoothie shop recently and watched how the employees interacted with the customers (as I always do). Most of the transactions were just that … transactions. Employee hands customer product and customer pays for product. Next…

I Believe Everything Happens For A Stupid, Unfair Reason That's Stupid


I don’t put dates on my blog posts because I want most of what I write about to be somewhat “evergreen” so they could be applicable regardless of when a person might be reading it. This one is different. It is April of 2018 and I’m pissed. I’m scared. I’m hopeful. I’m faithful … but mostly pissed.

"They Call Me Country"

matheus ferrero 294118 unsplash

I had a sobering experience recently during a late lunch at a fast-food restaurant. There were only three customers (including me) in the place and I was checking email on my phone as I ate. A voice from across the room said “Looks like this cold weather is going to be here for a while.” I looked up to see a man I assumed was homeless from his appearance.  

Yoga, "Seinfeld" and Getting Uncomfortable

Tim Conway

Several years ago, I was at the YMCA working out and met my wife coming out of a yoga class. She was talking with a mutual friend that instructs the class. Our friend invited me to class and I replied I didn’t think I could do any of the poses; I’d be one of the few men there, and would generally be self-conscious and uncomfortable. She said “Fine, if you want to walk like Tim Conway’s old man from the Carol Burnett show when you’re 70, then don’t come to my class.”

I Want To Love Like My Dog

Owie and me 3

I’ve been watching the Netflix series Grace and Frankie lately and a recent episode struck a chord with me.  Jane Fonda plays Grace, a cold, detached, retired CEO of a cosmetic company.  In this particular episode, she comes to terms with the fact her family never viewed her as a mother/wife that showed unconditional love to them.  It’s a sobering moment for her as she realizes what she deprived her family from feeling.  I couldn’t help but reflect on my own ideas about love and what it means for it to be unconditional.

Why Punctuation Matters In Customer Service

punctuation pic

My daughters say I’m a mean texter.  When they told me, I was trying to figure out what horrible thing I sent them and couldn’t think of anything.  I asked, “What did I text you all that was so mean?”  They replied it wasn’t the words themselves that were evil, but my use of punctuation – and specifically the period – that made my texts “sound” mean.  Uhh…what? 


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