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Hanging Out On The Porch

Hanging out on the porch

For the better part of my adult life, I have described my spiritual journey like I was on the front porch of a house.  I was outside, looking inside, at what a real relationship with God was like.  The problem was that I wouldn’t go inside.  I thought there had to be another level of feeling or something that I was missing.  Too many things seemed too routine or ritualized for what I thought real meant.  My spiritual walk was way too much walk and not enough spirit.  I’m not sure why I wouldn’t go in:  maybe it would be weird inside; maybe I wouldn’t fit in; maybe I wasn’t good enough.  

If They Take Away My Title...


I just finished giving a talk to a group of salespeople and I began thinking about leadership in business and organizations.  At my previous job, I managed a big golf property with lots of moving parts – golf, food & beverage, weddings, special events, merchandise, lodging and marketing.  Over my 26 years there, I thought a great deal about leadership and how to get the most out of myself and our staff.  My favorite quote about leadership is “If they take away my title, will they still follow me?”  I’ve seen it used in several articles and I believe it provides the framework for how a leader should think when it comes to dealing with their organizations.  My situation was a for-profit business, but it applies to just about any type of group that wants to function well. 

It’s All About The Story

Sometimes when I get ready to speak to a group – even though I’ve done it many times – I still have this thought that pops in my head before I talk. It’s usually like a little voice that will say things like, “what are you doing? This is just dumb. What in the world do you think that you have to say that anyone cares about hearing?” In those moments I’m consistently reminded that it’s all about the story, and everybody has one – whether you think you do or not. And usually stories are what move us.


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