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If I Don't Do It, Who Will?

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My Sunday school class was discussing generosity recently and we talked quite a bit about what motivates us to be generous or helpful to others in need. Why do we decide to get involved in some areas and not others? Do we need a personal connection to the situation? Do some things tug on our hearts more than others? Does Sarah McLachlan have to sing that song from the SPCA commercial before we act? Is it all a matter of timing in relation to what’s going on in our own lives?

How To Create Memorable Customer Service By Focusing On This

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I write and speak a lot about customer service because I am fascinated how some companies and individuals excel in this area and others fail miserably. What’s the difference in success or failure when it comes to taking care of your customers? There are many things that make up great customer service, but in my years of experience and observation, I keep honing in on a theme that leads to happy and loyal customers.

What Does It All Mean?

ceiling tiles

I’ve become somewhat of an expert on ceiling tiles in commercial-type buildings. I’ve spent a lot of time on my back looking at them. Wait … that didn’t sound right. What I meant to say was I’ve been in lots of situations where my view was nothing but the ceiling … nope, still sounds nasty.

Nobody Puts Jesus (or Baby) In A Corner

Dirty Dancing pic

I miss Patrick Swayze. I mean, who hasn’t seen Road House a million times, right? Twice a week it shows up on some channel and is clearly a classic, albeit terrible movie that has endured for almost 30 years. Throw in some Sam Elliot, classic fight scenes, awesome 80s hair, and you’ve got movie gold.

3 Words That Will Instantly Improve Your Team's Customer Service


I was standing in line at a smoothie shop recently and watched how the employees interacted with the customers (as I always do). Most of the transactions were just that … transactions. Employee hands customer product and customer pays for product. Next…

I Believe Everything Happens For A Stupid, Unfair Reason That's Stupid


I don’t put dates on my blog posts because I want most of what I write about to be somewhat “evergreen” so they could be applicable regardless of when a person might be reading it. This one is different. It is April of 2018 and I’m pissed. I’m scared. I’m hopeful. I’m faithful … but mostly pissed.

"They Call Me Country"

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I had a sobering experience recently during a late lunch at a fast-food restaurant. There were only three customers (including me) in the place and I was checking email on my phone as I ate. A voice from across the room said “Looks like this cold weather is going to be here for a while.” I looked up to see a man I assumed was homeless from his appearance.  

How Yoga, Tim Conway, And "Seinfeld" Moved Me

Tim Conway

Several years ago, I was at the YMCA working out and met my wife coming out of a yoga class. She was talking with a mutual friend that instructs the class. Our friend invited me to class and I replied I didn’t think I could do any of the poses; I’d be one of the few men there, and would generally be self-conscious and uncomfortable. She said “Fine, if you want to walk like Tim Conway’s old man character from the Carol Burnett show when you’re 70, then don’t come to my class.”


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